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The Plunger Baby – Zenza Bronica 75mm lens + toilet plunger = DIY tilt-shift lens DIY Bathroom

The Plunger Baby - Zenza Bronica 75mm lens + toilet plunger = DIY tilt-shift lens

This is a ghetto tilt-shift lens that I created from a previous DIY design. Basically, it is a medium format lens taped onto a toilet plunger. It has no backing and no permanent mount so I just press it up against my camera and start twisting and pulling until I get the effect I want. So far no exciting pictures.

I’ve detailed what I did here:…

EDIT: A camera store employee saw this and named it the Plunger Baby in tribute to the Lens Babies they sell.

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DIY wallpaper ideas: Photocopies DIY Bathroom

DIY wallpaper ideas: Photocopies

See more DIY wallpaper ideas at

The women’s restroom of the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Wallpaper by Jenny Holzer.

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DIY Light Strip Softbox (with build instructions)

DIY Light Strip Softbox (with build instructions)

Home made light strip softbox.

I have put a description of the build process in the comments.

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DIY macro studio

DIY macro studio

Picture nr 318/365
Tested out a new diy macro studio, with 4 lights and a glass plate to create this reflection

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DIY Roombox: Dawn Song

DIY Roombox: Dawn Song

Two done and four more DIY roomboxes to go! These will keep me busy for an entire year. :D

This one’s for sweet Jacqueline! You’ve mentioned that you wanted to see this one. ;)

It was already starting to get dark when I took this photo and I was also too lazy to grab my tripod, hence the grainy photo. Ahehe! >.<

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