5wii x DrsesLands.com Scoop Neck Dress

5wii x DrsesLands.com Scoop Neck Dress / Pleated Dress / Self-Tie Dress
This 5wii x www.DressLands.com dress is a scoop neck dress for casual events and semi-formal functions, with the added benefit of being a maternity dress. That means that it can serve as a dress for all nine months of pregnancy. The woven texture makes it soft and lightweight, and chiffon feels wonderful. The whole outfit is soft and the stretch jersey lining works wonders. The neck pleated part of the dress is also imaginatively made. It has a self-tie empire band in the back, along with a button keyhole design in between the shoulders. This dress is machine washable and a comfortable size 6 US or 10 UK. It form fits your body, even though it can be flexible and complement a woman as her baby bump increases. The average height is five foot eleven inches.