DIY: sercona audio alpha10 arduino-controlled preamp

DIY: sercona audio alpha10 arduino-controlled preamp

First major change to this system in several years; I swapped out the ‘old’ lcd display with this ‘new’ LED backpack module. It uses 4 alpha-capable led characters and I chose to buy the classic red color (works very well behind red plexiglass bezels).

Most of the circuits are all on production green-boards but the front panel is new and so its a perf-board work-in-progress. There are 3 buttons on the left and those control the volume in fast large-jump movements. The rotary encoder on the right moves in smaller 1dB increments. The display shows native dB from -99 up thru 0 (0 is no attenuation or maximum ‘volume’).

What is also very new, here, is that I removed IR (direct) control and went with xbee/zigbee modules for rf packet radios. These are two-way (IR is one-way) and lots of things can easily interface with xbee (being simple ascii 9600 baud over TTL signaling). With xbee in place, I can have a computer control this preamp and even display ‘text’ on the front panel LEDs.

More background on the alpha 10 preamp: (I’m the designer of the LCDuino, the delta1 and delta2 audio control elements).

photo from alternate angle:

view with full chassis dress:

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DIY // marquee letter lights.

DIY // marquee letter lights.

tutorial on ze blog >>…

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DIY: small handheld remote control with OLED display

DIY: small handheld remote control with OLED display

An arduino 328 chip will drive this one (not a nano module but the old style DIP 328 atmega). There was not a lot of room on this small board and so the usual nano arduino was not going to work out, here.

The display will be mounted near the chip, right over it, once I’m ready to do that. For now, the display hangs off some ribbon cable.

The button pad allows volume control over 2 speeds. Center button is mute, and the 2 small round buttons are user-defined buttons.

An xbee will be mounted behind the board and that’s what does the actual remote control. I plan to try to battery power this; will have to see if a lipo battery will fit or if something else makes more sense.

here’s the module in my hand; you can see how small this module really is:

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