Nikon EM DIY “Repair”

Nikon EM DIY

The last Nikon camera I owned was a Coolpix 2100. Recently however, I picked an F50 and an EM. The EM came with a Kiron 28-70mm f/3.5-4.5, and I paid CDN$19.75 (plus $15 shipping), which I thought was a decent deal. Upon receiving the camera, I discovered that the meter coupling lever was broken, or rather, the spring/cable behind the lever was broken, so the lever did not move properly when turning the aperture ring. I contacted the seller and he gave me an $8 refund. Anyhow, the camera was still functional, but to meter properly, the lever had to be manually moved after turning the aperture ring. Not moving the lever would mean incorrect metering (shutter speeds) and totally off exposures. Anyhow, you can see my DIY "repair" here. Rather than try to unscrew and take things apart, try to reconnect/look for parts, I took two zip ties and put one around the lever and one around the meter coupling shoe. Now, as I move the aperture ring, the lever moves too and the camera seems to be metering properly.

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DIY: Bantam DAC

DIY: Bantam DAC

a ‘Bantam DAC’ (digital to analog converter, usb-based). it uses a burr-brown DAC chip and sounds very good (near high-end).

this is the smallest box you can buy that fits this board. the layout of the board mandated the location of the holes for the usb and rca connectors. the lower-left rca just barely cleared the circuit board and components below!

the spacing of the rca’s was also ‘transferred’ to the amplifier that I built so that the 2 would mate with rca-rca barrel adapters and in fact, the DAC box is suspended entirely by those 2 jacks.

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