20″ DIY Beauty Dish made from a $6.00US woven-bamboo salad bowl


This is a shop-made "Beauty Dish" light modifier. To build it, I bought a $6.00 20" woven-bamboo salad bowl at Resco, a restaurant supply house in Reno, Nevada.

I cut a rectangular hole for the Speedlight’s nose to poke through. I drilled two holes to attach an L-bracket to the back of the dish, below the rectangular hole. A plastic rail from a cheap light stand umbrella adapter is screwed down to the L-bracket, allowing the Nikon SB600 Speedlight to sit at just the right height to poke through the center hole.

The baffle in the center of the dish is a plastic ceiling box cover, obtained for free from the Reno Habitat For Humanity store. The baffle stands off of the dish about 4 inches, held there by two #6 machine screws. The stand-off distance is adjustable, and I found that all the way out from the dish worked best.

I painted the baffle and the inside of the dish with flat white spray paint, purchased from Walmart for $.96US per can (cheap!). I will probably paint the outside flat black at some point, but that is strictly a cosmetic measure. You can see the woven bamboo pattern under the paint, but it doesn’t significantly affect the reflected light pattern.

I made a handle from an aluminum bicycle seatpost, which is attached to the L-bracket with the same screw that retains the plastic hotshoe mounting rail. This allows the rig to be easily hand-held for macro and other no-assistant-needed shots. I use Nikon’s CLS system to allow full TTL exposure with no wires required. Works very well!

I’ll post additional photos of the details in a day or two.

I found that the most even coverage of the dish was obtained when the flip-down "14mm" diffuser over the flash reflector was deployed.

The SB600 was set to 1/64 power here, and f/16 at ISO100 on the camera.

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Bubble shooting

Bubble shooting

Dukane 3" f2.5 projector lens + DIY fit using M42 adapter.

Bought this lens inspired by the artistic weird bokeh www.flickr.com/photos/123514180@N06/15472652864/. Was taken by surprise when I looked through the view finder first time; same bubble bokeh effect as noticed in trioplan and diaplan! Subject IQ is less but Bokeh IQ is wonderful!

If you’re into DIY lens experiments and love bokeh, give it a try. I think world hasn’t woken up to this lens yet for it’s bokeh character. Costs $10. Not just bubble bokeh, lens goes crazy when put on extension tubes. The artistic lens in my collection as of today.

BTW, it’s a projection lens. No aperture and focusing. Need to control light using exposure time – 2500th of a sec. High speed photography ? :)

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Fork Handles!!??

Fork Handles!!??

My local DIY Store, General Woodwork Supplies which sadly closed in 2012 after 60 odd years of serving the local community in Stoke Newington, London

Facebook / Twitter / Website / 500px
Thanks for your interest

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A plug, but is it shameless?

A plug, but is it shameless?

Okay, so …

today’s theme is "DIY" … DO IT YOURSELF …

Instead of showing our little BFA models with their mini utility belts, tool chests, glue guns, construction-worker hats, boots, and ensembles …

We are instead going to highlight some of what we ALL do ourselves … JUST for our little DOLLIES!! <3

We ALL do so MUCH to make these little photo shoots happen, don’t we?

This sure is a community laden with talent and creativity … but at the bottom, is just LOVE for Blythe … so the level of skill doesn’t really matter … what matters is that WE CREATE … that is our JOY … so thank you for enduring our "shameless plugs" today … :)


Our Spokesmodel today is IVIS INGENUE … a girl whose face we (re-)did ourself (with the help of DollyRocket);

Changed her eyechips to our own hand-made ones; and put her in a long black-haired scalp … (replaced the shorter RDP bob-style scalp).

She is a Rainy Day Parade (SBL) … very pale! … but we gave her a "spray tan" ;) … and a tan licca to match!

She is wearing her little Blythe Fifth Avenue hot orange and white eyelet sundress …

accessorized with an orange rose (human size) headband, modified for Blythe size heads;

Rose cabochons in orange for her earrings;

Little orange sandals (inspired by Fay’s girls!) … (we removed the little flowers that came on them, and stuck on rose cabochons, in white);

She is sitting on a little bench that we made out of a wood crate/box, with popsicles added, then whitewashed with paint.

The little bench "cushion" was crocheted with TIZZY YARN ;)

The backdrop is our "usual standby" "wooden fence / or flooring" that is really a bunch of scrapbook 12X12 papers taped on a poster board;

The "grass" is a little door mat we found at the 99Cent store, in green.

The butterfly was found in the gardening section at Hobby Lobby …

The little plant is from "Tuesday Morning" …

and the little wire container … well, we ALL have these type things hanging around …

if you are resourceful enough, you can look around and know … you HAVE IT ALL, right there at your fingertips … it is all a matter of IMAGINATION and seeing the POSSIBILITIES !! :)

DAY 10: "DIY"


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