PW Holder DIY – strap attached to PW

PW Holder DIY - strap attached to PW

The strap is attached to the PW. It is best to just finger-tighten the screw.

The strap is made of an elastic strap, a small scrap of nylon strap, a nylon screw, and velcro at the ends.

Sew the elastic strap to the nylon piece, this reinforces the area where the nylon screw will poke thru the whole strap assembly. I put the screw a little bit off center to match up with the off-center location of the PW thread.

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DIY shawl wrap

DIY shawl wrap

I always like to have a good old rummage through the haberdashery’s remnants box & the other week I found a lovely piece of woven fabric for £2 that I just had to have.
It’s two-tone with an ethnic feel pattern so I thought it would make a really funky reversible shawl wrap.
I copied the measurements of an old vintage 80s shawl wrap that my mother-in-law gave me some years ago.
This DIY is ridiculously simple & straightforward…
*Find some fabric that you like!
*Cut your fabric into a square; my square measured 60” by 60”.
*Zigzag around the raw edges or leave edges raw if you want a fray-trim.
*Fold the square in half & cut a slit measuring 30” along the fold.
*Zigzag or reinforce in some other way around the end of the slit to prevent the fabric from ripping any further when worn.
*If you’d like a neater appearance you could even add a plain or a decorative border trim all the way around the edges.

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