DIY Medium Format film canister

DIY Medium Format film canister

Cut off the bottom of one 35mm canister, shave off the burr, push it into a second canister and stick together with clear wide sticky tape. Voilà! It is a bit of a squeeze but it is doable. (I tried Super Glue but it doesn’t make the canisters stick together. May be this is due to the material of the canisters. Some plastics melt when in contact with Super Glue. The canisters did not melt during the short time the glue was on, but the glue did not set).

I use the clear canister for colour film, the black one for black & white. Easy to recognize. Why canisters? As long as the rolls are in the sealed package, they are safe and ok. Canisters provide safe storage for putting the exposed roll into the pocket or back pack. I can’t be the only person doing this, can I? Of course, the canisters are a bit larger than the used roll, but at least the exposed film is safe. The larger canisters are also easier to locate if you just toss them into the backpack or into the hand bag.

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DIY: a delta-1 HAT-TRICK ;)

DIY: a delta-1 HAT-TRICK ;)

a new experiment in the LCDuino-1 system by linux-works and AMB labs.

a 3 band (tweeter, mid, woofer) volume control done with relay/resistor attenuators and a cpu controller (the LCDuino-1).

this ‘passive preamp’ takes its input from 6 rca connectors (top rear) and sends vol controlled output to the 1/4" TRS stereo jacks just below them. those jacks feed 3 separate amplifiers that each feed their own speaker driver (tweeter, midrange, woofer or subwoofer).

the single front knob is a motorized pot that sends a control signal to the CPU and that sends a flurry (literally) of i2c messages to each of the 3 relay controller boards. those connect to their own relay board via pretty ribbon cables ;)

to the far left/front is a single button (config/mute/power) and an IR input sensor for handheld remote control.

forum discussion thread:

general link to the system overall architecture:

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