Easy Large Lollipop Decor DIY Tutorial DIY Bathroom

Easy Large Lollipop Decor DIY Tutorial

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I’m transforming my daughter’s room into a Candy shop theme and have been trying to dream up ideas to make a variety of candy peices… I will be sharing some things I have created along with how they are done. For anyone interested.

Things you Need:

1. Variety of colored round plastic plates. If you can find ones with circles it enhances the lollipop effect. (Found these at Big Lots)

2. A Pack of dowels

3. Acrylic paint and a brush

4. Cellophane gift bags with twisties (you can also use cellaphone wrap)

5. Glue gun and glue sticks


1. Paint around each dowel to create a striped effect. Let Dry.

2. Hot glue wooden dowel to plastic plate.

3. Place lollipop in cellophane bag (or wrap) and tie a twistie around it.

Some other uses:
* Favors at a baby shower or birthday party

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