DIY Beauty Dish – Back

DIY Beauty Dish - Back

DIY Beauty Dish:
For the outside I used a big round bowl thingy made of stuff that is like metal flyscreen. I chose this because I have previously made a ringflash with a plastic and a metal bowl and they are difficult to cut.
For the small bowl I wasn’t sure what to used and ended up using a plastic disposable party bowl.
I cut a rectangular hole (big enough to fit my flash in) in the bottom of the big bowl and put gaffa around the sharp edges
I put holes in the side of the small bowl and used wire to suspend it inside the big bowl.
Then I lined the big bowl with aluminium foil and taped it in place
In this picture you can see a rubber band apartatus; i put this on to try to secure the beauty dish to the flash but it doesn’t work so well. The added bonus of using a ‘flyscreen’ bowl is that it’s very light and so doesn’t weigh down the flash when you move/rotate the flash.

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