DIY Reflectors

DIY Reflectors

Super easy and fast to make my own reflectors–at low cost. 3 large double-fold foam boards–not the small 11×14 ones–cost me under $10 (instead of paying $130+ for "professional" set. It took only 15 minutes…but spray painting takes "skill!" Ask me how I know lol

I will need to spray a couple of ‘em again. Note for next spray:
* Do it in a good flat space.
* From left to right (away from my body) in a steady, one-stroke across. Keep the can and spraying moving. Otherwise, it will "collect" a puddle, create run, and not a smooth surface.
* Let it dry completely before moving it. Probably best to do it when it’s warm/sunny, not windy day if it’s done outdoor.

Next, I need to figure out clamps/parts to attach exchangeable reflector(s) to the tripod(s).

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