My DIY Sling Strap

My DIY Sling Strap

I made this strap after looking at sling strap systems from Joby, Black Rapid, and DIY options from various sites. This one is a hybrid of about 3 strap systems.

It uses two straps connected using a metal ring. The front strap is folded in half and allows the snap hook to slide along the strap, like the Black Rapid. The rear strap is a neoprene strap, which slides easily along your shoulder, like the Joby. The screw mechanism is done with an eyebolt and rubber washers, the idea of which I got from DIYers.

If you have expensive equipment, buy a professional strap system! I’m not responsible if your $3000 camera setup splatters all over the ground. That being said, this should be fine for a mirrorless system or light D/SLRS.

Here are the parts list:
Neoprene Strap ($10) – walmart
Old Strap ($0) – Used my existing Nikon strap
Metal Ring x2 ($2) – Any Hardware Store
Snap Hook ($3) – from an old bag at a thrift store
1" Eye Bolt ($1) – Any Hardware Store
Screw on Grey Plastic Pad ($2) – Any Hardware Store
Rubber Washer ($1) – Any Hardware Store
Total For Me – $20

Note: I’m rounding up the values, actual cost may be less. The green ties are just to tie up the strap ends, so I’m not counting them.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please post below! Thanks!

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