DIY 50” x 50” Collapsible Soft Box (with build instructions)

DIY 50” x 50” Collapsible Soft Box (with build instructions)

I recently had the good fortune to watch a friends copy of the Zack Arias One Light Workshop DVD. An excellent lighting resource, brilliantly presented, that I would thoroughly recommend watching and that is currently at the top of my ‘to buy’ list.

I was particularly taken with the results Zack was getting with a monster Westcott 50 inch soft box. This particular soft box was based on a design I had not come across before and worked like a giant umbrella. The shaft of the umbrella mounted in the umbrella holder of the light stand and the softbox surrounded the flash. The bottom panel had a zip arrangement to allow the flash stand to pass through it and you accessed the flash controls by pulling away a section of the Velcroed in front diffuser.

The fine details of the design were not immediately apparent from the DVD, but a quick search on the internet turned up a blog post that showed the internal working of the soft box in all its glory. The same search also turned up a price from B&H Photo of (a not inconsiderable) US$252.50 along with a shipping fee to Australia of US$54.75. Converted to Australian dollars that came to a grand total of roughly AU$380.00. Someone may sell these directly from Oz, but I had no luck finding them.

So, I figured as long as I could DIY one of these for less than AU$380 I would come out ahead. After a few false starts and a couple of wrong turns I managed to create what I am tentatively calling the ‘Death Star’.

For anyone interested in how I put this together, I have included the build instructions in the comments. Please bare in mind that I was making this up as I went along prototyping this design so you may want to read all the way to the end before diving in! :)

Please check my stream for some examples of the soft box in use.

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5wii x Scoop Neck Dress

5wii x Scoop Neck Dress / Pleated Dress / Self-Tie Dress
This 5wii x dress is a scoop neck dress for casual events and semi-formal functions, with the added benefit of being a maternity dress. That means that it can serve as a dress for all nine months of pregnancy. The woven texture makes it soft and lightweight, and chiffon feels wonderful. The whole outfit is soft and the stretch jersey lining works wonders. The neck pleated part of the dress is also imaginatively made. It has a self-tie empire band in the back, along with a button keyhole design in between the shoulders. This dress is machine washable and a comfortable size 6 US or 10 UK. It form fits your body, even though it can be flexible and complement a woman as her baby bump increases. The average height is five foot eleven inches.



Barn Wedding, Seymour, Indiana, DIY, September, 2013

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