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DIY Honey Comb Spot Grid

DIY Honey Comb Spot Grid

home made DIY honeycomb grid made from black plastic straws, a roll of old duct tape, and rubber cement!

I cut the straws in roughly 9 segments of equal length (6 straws I think) at roughly 3/4 of an inch

Then using a generous coat of rubber cement began laying down the straws like bricks making rings of concentric circles inside of the duct tape roll until I made it to the center.

The straws only cover half of the interior of the tube so the flash head has room on the inside to sit snugly (Although I will most likely use a neoprene drink hugger to create a firm grip).

There ya go!

The Duct tape roll is wide enough to fit a Nikon SB900 which has one of the wider flash heads, so it should fit most speed-lights!

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Sweet Scarlet DIY Rainbow Printable Party Dots

Sweet Scarlet DIY Rainbow Printable Party Dots

DIY Rainbow Birthday Party Dot printable now available on Etsy.com.

Just download, print, trim & create! Can be used for cupcake toppers, party favours, food labels, card making and more.

My Etsy shop is here:

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DIY Bamboo Bike Rack

DIY Bamboo Bike Rack

I made this rack for one of my bikes out of bamboo garden stakes, recycled wire, and some copper wire-terminals for the mechanical attachment to the bike frame. I ended up adding some cross-braces at the back for extra lateral stability. The rack easily carries a half case of beer (my measure of success for this project) :)

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