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DIY Monocle Test shot

DIY Monocle Test shot

Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic + DIY Monocle ~135mm/~f3 + Agfa Ortho CP-GU XRay film in D-76 stock for 7 min

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Easy Large Lollipop Decor DIY Tutorial DIY Bathroom

Easy Large Lollipop Decor DIY Tutorial

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I’m transforming my daughter’s room into a Candy shop theme and have been trying to dream up ideas to make a variety of candy peices… I will be sharing some things I have created along with how they are done. For anyone interested.

Things you Need:

1. Variety of colored round plastic plates. If you can find ones with circles it enhances the lollipop effect. (Found these at Big Lots)

2. A Pack of dowels

3. Acrylic paint and a brush

4. Cellophane gift bags with twisties (you can also use cellaphone wrap)

5. Glue gun and glue sticks


1. Paint around each dowel to create a striped effect. Let Dry.

2. Hot glue wooden dowel to plastic plate.

3. Place lollipop in cellophane bag (or wrap) and tie a twistie around it.

Some other uses:
* Favors at a baby shower or birthday party

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DIY Large Softbox for Small Strobe 100cm x 60cm (with build instructions)

DIY Large Softbox for Small Strobe 100cm x 60cm (with build instructions)

This is a DIY project I have had in mind for a while now. When I purchased my studio flash heads, they came with a couple of small softboxes. Although I prefer to use translucent umbrellas whenever I can (small, light, easy to transport), there are times when a softbox is a better solution. While I could use the studio head softboxes in some circumstances with my small strobes, there was no way of effectively holding the flash in place without a lot of jerry rigging. To this end, I wanted to design a softbox that would be light, reasonably strong and durable, adaptable (double diffuser, grid attachment, barn doors etc. at a later date) and has a quick and easy way to mount the flash.

While I achieved most of these goals, the finished softbox was a bit heavier than I would have liked and as is usually the case with these projects I figured out a number of modifications I would like to incorporate into my next attempt after it was finished. For now, I think I will label this as a ‘prototype’ and hopefully come up with something better for the mark II version.

For anyone interested, I have included the full build instructions in the comments. Please bare in mind that I was making this up as I went along so if you do want to follow these directions, there may be better ways of achieving the same results at many of the stages! :)

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DIY 50” x 50” Collapsible Soft Box (with build instructions)

DIY 50” x 50” Collapsible Soft Box (with build instructions)

I recently had the good fortune to watch a friends copy of the Zack Arias One Light Workshop DVD. An excellent lighting resource, brilliantly presented, that I would thoroughly recommend watching and that is currently at the top of my ‘to buy’ list.

I was particularly taken with the results Zack was getting with a monster Westcott 50 inch soft box. This particular soft box was based on a design I had not come across before and worked like a giant umbrella. The shaft of the umbrella mounted in the umbrella holder of the light stand and the softbox surrounded the flash. The bottom panel had a zip arrangement to allow the flash stand to pass through it and you accessed the flash controls by pulling away a section of the Velcroed in front diffuser.

The fine details of the design were not immediately apparent from the DVD, but a quick search on the internet turned up a blog post that showed the internal working of the soft box in all its glory. The same search also turned up a price from B&H Photo of (a not inconsiderable) US$252.50 along with a shipping fee to Australia of US$54.75. Converted to Australian dollars that came to a grand total of roughly AU$380.00. Someone may sell these directly from Oz, but I had no luck finding them.

So, I figured as long as I could DIY one of these for less than AU$380 I would come out ahead. After a few false starts and a couple of wrong turns I managed to create what I am tentatively calling the ‘Death Star’.

For anyone interested in how I put this together, I have included the build instructions in the comments. Please bare in mind that I was making this up as I went along prototyping this design so you may want to read all the way to the end before diving in! :)

Please check my stream for some examples of the soft box in use.

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