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blowball profile

blowball profile

–> photo.tutsplus.com/articles/inspiration/100-awe-inspiring…

explored, thx!
and camera finder pentax k200d macro, thx!
I used my DIY ring flash and a a small macro attachment lens on my normal 18-55 pentax lens…

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Automated Macro Stacking Setup 02.2012

Automated Macro Stacking Setup 02.2012

Low cost, diy macro setup for high magnification "studio" shots.

A friend built the electronic assembly and did the programming. The rail is an old CD-Rom with a stepper motor allowing around 0.15mm steps. A microcontroller (MC) controls the rail with the help of a (for this application oversized) stepper driver. The remote is used to program the number of photos as well as the step size between each shot. The camera is remote controlled by the MC, so once set up the whole stack is produced automated.

A second set of bellows below the rail helps to adjust the proper height of the subject, the other axes are arranged by simply moving the whole rail construction.

The flash diffusor produces relatively, but not completely, uniform light with the help of a Pringles roll (what else ;) milk box and some plastic cups. See the comments for details. I’ve enlarged the distance of the lens, diffusor and subject for the documentary shot above. For the actual shots, the insect is inside the cups.

The process is simple:
• Arrange the subject so the initial photo can be taken.
• Make settings to the camera (such as mirror lock up, 1s exposure, rear flash) and the flash.
• Programm the rail and the MC will start:
• Now the clever part! The MC triggers the camera with an IR-LED.
• The MC waits for 2s so the camera can move the mirror, wait, flash, close the mirror.
• The MC makes the appropriate numbers of steps.
• The MC waits for 0.5s to reduce shake.
• The next image is triggered
• And so on.

See the notes in the image for details and the comments for an example shot. Thanks for looking!

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DIY Polarizing Diffuser Setup

DIY Polarizing Diffuser Setup

Recently I found some interesting post here on flickr mentioning the effect of cross polarized light in macro photography. I decided to try it for my own, but of course I didn’t want to spend so much any money to it so I used parts I already had at home.
See my article about getting started with cross polarized light at DIYPhotography for details. I hope you are just a little bit as excited, about the effect, as I was :)
The results of the above experiment are also shown in the comments.
Now I have to find more subjects for it…maybe some rabbits.

Happy easter flickr friends!

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