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DIY Camera

DIY Camera

Limbo Connection Photographic is pleased to announce the launch of the new WO-0 D N1 SLR. This model will be pitched head-to-head with Nikon’s D4 and is expected to take market share from Canon and Pentax as well.
Photographed with a Nikon D90 and 28-80 f/3.3-5.6G lens.

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Ray-Out iPhone Case DIY

Ray-Out iPhone Case DIY

Some photos of the Ray-Out iPhone "Leather Jacket" case’s D-Ring rip-out problem. You can see the "nub" of the leather where the D-ring used to be, and my DIY rubber-ring replacement which the thick leather tab has been threaded through. Additionally see how the edges of the case might get in the way of using the touch interface, and on the positive side, the card holder which I’m using for my Suica train pass.

—Rick Cogley ( rick.cogley.info )

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Easy Large Lollipop Decor DIY Tutorial DIY Bathroom

Easy Large Lollipop Decor DIY Tutorial

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I’m transforming my daughter’s room into a Candy shop theme and have been trying to dream up ideas to make a variety of candy peices… I will be sharing some things I have created along with how they are done. For anyone interested.

Things you Need:

1. Variety of colored round plastic plates. If you can find ones with circles it enhances the lollipop effect. (Found these at Big Lots)

2. A Pack of dowels

3. Acrylic paint and a brush

4. Cellophane gift bags with twisties (you can also use cellaphone wrap)

5. Glue gun and glue sticks


1. Paint around each dowel to create a striped effect. Let Dry.

2. Hot glue wooden dowel to plastic plate.

3. Place lollipop in cellophane bag (or wrap) and tie a twistie around it.

Some other uses:
* Favors at a baby shower or birthday party

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My DIY Ring Flash Adapter

My DIY Ring Flash Adapter

I think I’ve wanted to make a ring flash adapter from the first time I saw one. The results were awesome and it seemed like a good challenge.

And then I thought it would be easier to just buy one…

But after searching the Interweb for a while, I found that all the good ones were too impractical and/or too expensive, and the cheaper ones were just crap. Some weren’t even a ring!

So I HAD to make one!
It would have to:
– be cheap (preferably free),
– be a ring (duh!),
– be very light,
– have even light distribution,
– NOT look like crap!

Took some measurements from my camera and flash, made a model in Google SketchUp, "unfolded" it and printed the result. Made a cardboard prototype in no time, a few adjustments, and it was ready.
The final material would have to be some kind of plastic sheet, which I didn’t have and didn’t want to buy. So the prototype sat in the back of a closet for 2 years…

Finally, I was able to "recycle" all the ingredients. Some black plastic binders that were going to the garbage at my sister’s work, a translucent one I already had, a plastic mirror and some aluminium tape.

After a few days of cutting, scoring, notching and gluing, the results Were way better than I could have expected. The light distribution is near perfect. It weights around 140g and it’s held in place just by friction. I can handle the camera any way I want and it just won’t fall. And most of all, it was practically free!
As for the looks, I am very pleased but… you tell me!

The only downside to this version is that it’s made specifically for one camera / lens combo. In my case, a Nikon D90 and a Nissin Di866. So when I upgrade either one of them, I’ll have to build a new adapter. So…?!

If you’re interested in making your own, I uploaded the SketchUp file here. You’ll have to measure your own camera and flash, and make the necessary adjustments. In the file there is also an example of how I managed to glue the parts.

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