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Piglet, the Guinea Pig

Piglet, the Guinea Pig

Taken, processed, and uploaded with an iPhone 4.

I set up a DIY seemless backdrop on my dining room table, using the white side of wrapping paper and a laundry basket. Natural window light and a reflecter to fill in the other side. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of some critters and robots. Yay!! What a great way to deal with being alone on Christmas after my daughters left to go to their dads house :)

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DIY wide angle lens DIY Bathroom

DIY wide angle lens

Instead of working like I should I built an almost-fisheye lens for my camera.

I’ve been dreaming of a fisheye lens for some time. However, I am poor. Today I found this Flickr group. Then this tutorial. While I started planning to go to the local Conrad hardware store to pick up a "Türspion", I found this tutorial

I had some scrap glasses lying around, but unfortunately I am nearsighted, not farsighted. But maybe my glasses would also make a nice effect? I tore apart the glasses and taped together the two lenses with masking tape, then mounted them on a toilet paper roll that fit nicely onto my camera’s lens, and here is the result. I guess it’s more wide angle than fisheye, but it has some nice bulging distortion.

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