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Project 365×2009 DIY Album

Project 365x2009 DIY Album

I am putting together an album for my Project 365×2009 photos. This a page from the album.
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Day 77: Trying not to quit

Day 77: Trying not to quit

I’m really sorry guys if I have not been active in your streams.. really stressfull times.. It’s the 2nd day I’ve actually thought of quiting my 365.. Can’t get any creative ideas, without my inspiration.. :(

Hope I can get thru this.. try to check your streams tomorrow..
oh, and tomorrow is haircut day..
so good bye hair..

strobist info:
sb-600 thru DIY 18” Beauty Dish with diffuser above camera pointing down @ 1/4
studio strobe back of subject pointing at head @ 1/4

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Day 101: Just the two of us..

Day 101: Just the two of us..

Just the two of us.. ( meaning me and my beauty dish)

So, a little bit emo mode again today.. I want to sleep early! because I slept 7AM earlier.. O_o my usual sleep time is 2AM..

Shot this about past 11PM in our rooftop, and yeah.. It was DARK! O_o and I needed to go up the ladder with a 9feet lightstand, camera bag, tripod, a beauty dish, and 1 flash light..

ISO 200, 20sec @ 2.8

STARS On Black But im a little bit blurry cause I was shooting @ 2.8 and the ambient light from the street light was exposing me..

Strobist info: WB:Tungsten
Sb-600 thru DIY 18” Beauty Dish with 3/4 CTO gel @ 1/16

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Day 15: revolution

Day 15: revolution

my submission to Amy Spanos’ around the world project

I was searching flickr last night when I saw this group (Amy Spanos’ around the world project) you should check it out..

I needed to wear a hat to cover my hair cause I’m too lazy to get a hair cut.. I was first using just 1DIY ring star when I decided to use two of them, so heres the result…

How to create your own DIY Ring Stars >> www.diyphotography.net/create-stunning-stars-in-your-eyes…


Strobist info:
sb-600 camera right with DIY ring stars @ 1/8
vivitar flash camera left with DIY ring stars @1/4

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DIY attempts – 175/365

DIY attempts - 175/365

This is my attempt at a light box with CFL bulbs. A really lousy attempt, but at least it does something.

There should be 4 bulbs but one accidentally broke during the process. Now the next step is to build a decent structure, with PVC or wood with a real reflective surface inside. Aluminium paper might have looked like a possibility but it is not at all.

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Day 81: got milk?

Day 81: got milk?

I almost forgot what photography was all about, it’s all about having fun! :)

Didn’t have a productive day today, didn’t do anything so not so happy with that, but at least at the end of the day I got this shot! Which I think is really cool because I did it without any help, Camera was on self timer, had a Shutter release cable covered with plastic cause my hands were wet and I threw the piece of banana with my left hand(that’s why it’s raised up).

Question for the day: What is Photography for you?

Well, as I’ve said above Photography for me is all about having fun! And experimenting, and sharing your knowledge, and capturing things that the normal eye can’t see, but really mostly all about having Fun! And the really really fun Part is getting paid to do it.. haha

Strobist info:
Sb-600 thru DIY 18” Beauty Dish above subject pointing down @ 1/4
Reflector below subject pointing above
Studio strobe back right of subject with Gel Modification pointing at black wall @ 1/4

View Large on Black

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Day 94: me need 200 bucks..

Day 94: me need 200 bucks..

Ok.. I don’t want a Dog.. I NEED a dog.. I can’t actually tell you why now, but in time you guys will know.. So yeah.. I’m short $200US to buy a Labrador.. woof woof.. :(
I need more workshop participants for mollah..

And yeah, early post.. cause I don’t know.. I’m kinda lost.. what to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do?

Question for the day: what’s the toughest thing you’ve gone thru this year?

Strobist info:
Sb-600 mounted on camera thru DIY ringflash @ 1/16

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55/365: DIY Cupcake Liners 2/24/10

55/365: DIY Cupcake Liners 2/24/10

Project 365: DIY Cupcake Liners
Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I had an impulse urge to make cupcakes for my last class in Level 6. I often have impulse urges to make cupcakes. The problem is I never have cupcake liners and tonight was no exception. I was too lazy to go to the store just to by liners, so what was my solution?

Make ‘em myself!


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Day 72: beauty what?

Day 72: beauty what?

Just finished doing a DIY 18” Beauty Dish, still don’t know how to use it properly, still need some experimenting.. If I put a diffuser infront will it make my light softer? any tips on how to use this thingy?

Eventhough I finished this beauty dish, still feeling really down.. so, sorry to post and leave, I think I’ll sleep this thru..

Strobist info:
DIY 18” Beauty Dish subject right above @ 1/4

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Day 22: Addicted to Flickr

Day 22: Addicted to Flickr

After trying to score some coke from our friendly local drug dealers(FAIL) I just used flour for this shot..

The hard part was not using a fan or aircon because the wind would destroy the flickr letters, which explains the topless part..

I got an Idea for tomorrow and the next day in mind!

The drug thing was a joke..

Strobist info:
Sb-600 with DIY Ring flash @ 1/16 Left of camera
Sb-24 subject right with red gel @ 1/16 aiming at wall
Vivitar flash with snoot @ 1/4 with tissue subject right

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