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Lark – DIY Planters Gacha Key

Lark - DIY Planters Gacha Key

Coming to The Arcade Gacha Events March 1st.

Why use a boring clay pot when you can repurpose old items and factory rejects skates to become beautiful planters. :p

This set has 20 prizes to win with two rares. Prizes are 2-4 land impact at normal size. White bricks have a candle that turns on/off on touch.

Close-ups coming soon. <3

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DIY holders&vase out of recycle newspaper

DIY holders&vase out of recycle newspaper

Are you having a hard time of waste around your house like magazines, newspaper?— #recycle them to make pencil holder or magazine &flower vase .

Picture&video tutorials —>http://wonderfuldiy.com/wonderful-diy-holder-vase-from-recycled-paper/

More #DIY projects: www.wonderfuldiy.com

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DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp

approx. cost $5
you’ll need:
mason jar w/ lids (flat cap lid & ring lid)
smokeless odorless paraffin oil
fiberglass wick (never needs replacing/do NOT advance wick)
wick holder insert (glass or metal)
3-5 items below:
pine cones
evergreen trimmings
fern fronds
sticks, etc.

1. put decorative items in clean jar, arrange items until you get the look you want
2. fill w/ unscented paraffin oil
3. drill hole in top of flat cap lid same diameter as wick holder insert
4. thread fiberglass wick through wick holder insert
5. place the wick (& wick holder insert) in the lid hole & put the lid on the jar making sure the wick hangs in the center of the jar
6. screw lid ring on jar tight

you can buy one for $59 here www.napastyle.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=5121

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eco gift wrap DIY – as seen on Design Sponge!

eco gift wrap DIY - as seen on Design Sponge!

(description revised in December 2011)

tired of buying new gift wrap every year?

little know facts about your usual store bought gift wraps: 98% of them are not recyclable! if its shiny, its not recyclable! if its plastic, its not recyclable! if its metalic, its not recyclable! if it has glitter on it, its not recyclable! etc. etc. etc.

here is an idea we had to wrap gifts in a more ecological way
we used Kraft paper boxes as containers
they are available in most craft stores, but we mostly tend to reuse the jewellery boxes we get when we buy, well, jewellery ;o)

we wrap the boxes (and hide the company logos, if any) with recycled book pages
this particular batch was made with vintage (1930’s) paper, salvaged from a French Literature text book
we made another batch with vintage medical textbook pages… they where pretty gross and awesome all at once

we used gros grain cotton or raffia twine or burlap rope or any piece of natural coloured or red yarn we could find in lieu of a ribbon

last but not least, we decorated the ribbon with recycled and repurposed red and wooden buttons

on the insides we added shredded vintage paper to fill the boxes up, and pattern paper too!

the possibilities are endless, really!

and all of the above materials are either re-usable or recyclable

this picture had the immense honour of being featured on the Design Sponge blog

Go read that article!
Its really inspiring
Its about "stuff-free" gifts
In our family, we’ve been doing so for several years now and at first we thought the Holidays would suck ;o)
but it turns out it makes them about family and good times instead of heaps of gifts… which is so much better!

we talk about it on our own blog as well

and it is continuously our most viewed picture in our Flickr sets since 2009!
Thanks for all the views gang!

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