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Another result of the DIYing of me, as the hairlight is done by my 1$ beauty bowl, and, as you can see, my ultra cheapo ring-neon-ducttape-flowerpot-light is for face fill and pretentious 90’s music video style reflection, and the triggering was done by my severed, re-welded and extended canon remote trigger cable. (which, by way of extending it with 2 sets of mini-jacks, also became the ominous 80$ pocketwizard remote trigger cable for under 1$)
I also had a 60*90 softbox right nex to the cam, providing the actual light, and some flash on the background to make it almost seamless white.
The setup was pretty much for the whitey shot before this, I just fooled around the studio before calling it a day.

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076|365 Smoke ~ Smoke

076|365 Smoke ~ Smoke

Theme: Smoke

Listening to Rocky Dawuni – In Ghana puffing on 1 of 50 Philippino cigars I picked up during my trip last summer. I don’t even smoke cigars…

— Strobist —
I am soooooo digging this texturized window shade that I also used in this shot. I love how it diffuses the light and creates natural vignetting. I also tried mixing gels, a yellow and an orange, for the first time.

1 Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/16 directly behind subject and behind window blind with a yellow gel half right and orange half left bounced off the wall. Another Vivitar 285 HV @ 1/2 at about 11 o’clock up high with DIY grid spot lighting subject.

— Critiques Welcome —
– www.comatosed.ca –

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diy gone wrong

diy gone wrong

chopped off the tip of my finger doing some diy –
the plastic surgeon is fairly optimistic about how it’ll look when its healed…….
I’m a real tit though for doing it….
flippin idiot

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DIY Blood claw whore… 8/

DIY Blood claw whore... 8/

How to guide on how i did this

I couldn’t find blood anywhere in the shops around here so here is how to make blood that looks real, sticks well without running, dries and stays on all night looking the same….

buy from supermarket
– jar of glucose syrup
– red food colouring

pour a few tablespoons of glucose syrup in old lid of a container, whatever doesn’t matter really

drip a few drops of red food dye in it and mix

if its too bright add some fine coffee granules in it (just a little) to darken it up so its more true blood colour

– draw your claw lines with where you want them with a eye-liner
– get some grey eyeshadow and under the line brush the shadow on about 1cm thick to create a shadow
– paint on with stiff angled make-up brush along the line, make it slightly jaggered and dripping in some spots
– once done and you are happy with look, blow dry with hair dryer to make it non sticky and dry
– add extra grey shadow if needed under and white eye shadow on top of lines

takes about 15 minutes, maybe less as I took some photos as I was going


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Another Love of Mine

Another Love of Mine

This is what I spend about 50 hours a week working with and trying to make the best coffee in manchester. I’m pretty passionate about it… ; )

FYI, the first shot made using my DIY softbox.

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Having an idea is one thing, doing something with it is altogether different….

Having an idea is one thing, doing something with it is altogether different....

Hiya all.
Sorry I’ve been away, tending to a rather sore leg after being knocked off my bicycle last week by a car (!!)

Another selfie so you’ll have to put up with my mug again, at least it’s still here the collision could have put paid to that.

Not complaining about lack of ideas, have plenty of those just a bit of a bugger putting together something. Realised that my home made flashes are somewhat limiting, have some new design ideas, (including capacitor bank switching, voltage adjustment and a power-pack design rather than mono-block), just need to scrounge up the components to build them. Easier said than done.

A work colleague and good friend of mine Nazish recently lent me her Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet whilst she was away on holiday. Struggled with it to start with until it hit home and I then started using it like I used to use an airbrush. Got to say it was an absolute god send, so much so that some puppy dog eyes later my wonderful wife Teresa came home clutching a box and promptly handed it to me with a big smile on her face. It was returned with the biggest smile and a yelp of delight! I now have my very own Wacom Bamboo :-)

It’s a great bit of kit, makes life a heck of a lot easier and the nice thing is my Linux Ubuntu system installed it straight away, (no disc required!), also worked with GIMP with no issues. So used to it now that it’s completely replaced my mouse, the pen hovering above that tablet with ease and a certain joy. If you get the chance to use one do so, it’ll definitely change the way you do things, (retouching is a breeze now!)

Came across a site recently suggested by Regina Pagles somewhere in a flickr group, (sorry can’t remember where), which turned out to be quite a learning experience. The site’s called Phlearn and the host Aaron Nace is pretty awesome, (as is his work!)
Picked up a few pointers on his site for sure and still watching those vids with eager excitement :-)

Don’t think I’ll be as good a photographer or retoucher as those I revere but I’m certainly having fun trying to improve what I do.

Still learning, still struggling, (cannot for the life of me figure out compositing to look realistic!), but luckily I’m still enjoying it all :-)

All my best to all of you and hopefully catch you around on flickr.

Strobist Info: Main light, my DIY Studio Flash set to maximum so about 100 watts. Sitting above camera with that home made white umbrella some extra diffusion gained with white cloth draped over the reflector. That bulb is real but with a home made miniature flash squeezed into it, quick charge on the mains and it’ll hold it’s charge for some time, about 4 watts. (Actually the main light is the bulb in the picture, the DIY studio flash was used for fill!)
All triggered optically by the cameras pop-up flash with my DIY Infra Red Filter sat over it, (so no exposure in the final).

Reinstated the EXIF, (but doesn’t make sense to me as the picture is completely different from that taken), so F11, ISO 200 and 1/180th I think.

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Film vs Digital

Film vs Digital

The epic battle continues!
Film vs Digital.
40$ vs 2000$
Strobist info: Left: Achiever Flash set at 1/1 f 5.6 28mm + DIY softbox(80cm in diameter only 20$)
Behind: Metz 34BCT2 facing the white wall
Cactus triggers(best 30$ I ever spend!)
Right: Silver reflector
Left side: KOWA SETR+Kowa-R 135mm/4+ Ilford HP5 ISO 400 processed with ID11+scanned with Epson V600 at 1200 dpi
Right side: Nikon D7000+ Nikon 50mm 1:8 AFD BW conversion with CS5

Bottom line: I just love film!

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DIY – Difusor Colorido para Flash Embutido

DIY - Difusor Colorido para Flash Embutido

O Difusor pronto com uma Gelatina Rosco Lavanda!

Well Done!
The Color Difuser w/ a Rosco’s Lavander Filter!

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