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DIY Reflector

DIY Reflector

This is a simple Do-It-Yourself reflector that I made from chipboard (E.g. A cereal box) and aluminum foil. The reflector is attached to the chin of the pop-up flash on my Canon T3i DSLR using an elastic hair band (or rubber band). I suspect this technique will work on most DSLR’s with a popup flash.

I found a box that was white on the inside instead of the normaI gray to make it look a little nicer and I attached aluminum foil to the side with printing using spray adhesive. I then cut out the shape with scissors. The reflector is approximately 4.5 inches square (11.4 cm).

This reflector works well for close-ups and portraits and but can only be used indoors with a ceiling so the light can be reflected. It also cuts the effective range of the flash considerably since it needs much more power to light the subject with reflected light. Most shots more than a few feet away will need the ISO increased a little in order to have enough power. In most cases, with my camera in TTL metering mode, it will get the exposure right with no adjustment. Some times, I will manually increase the flash output by 2/3 or so EV.

I included a couple sample shots in my photostream.

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DIY Motorized Pan/Tilt/Dolly HDSLR Video Mount

DIY Motorized Pan/Tilt/Dolly HDSLR Video Mount

Video Test: vimeo.com/25987854

2 Sets of Roller Blades (16 wheels/32 ball bearings) from Goodwill

Aluminum angle

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Meade motorized telescope arm

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